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Current Service Rates

Boxelder Sanitation District’s service rates are evaluated annually by the board of directors. The 2024 costs and charges are now available. For questions regarding billing, our administrative office is available by phone Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at 970-498-0604.

Residential and Commercial Costs and Charges 
Service TypeRateMonthly Base ChargeUsage per 1000 gallonsEffective Date
Residential ServicePer Dwelling Unit/Single Family Equivalent (SFE)$35.00$3.001/1/2021
Commercial Service5/8" and 3/4" water meter$35.00$3.001/1/2021
1" water meter$88.00$3.001/1/2021
1.5" water meter$175.00$3.001/1/2021
2" Water Meter$280.00$3.001/1/2021
3" water meter$560.00$3.001/1/2021
Commercial Unit Administrative Fee (IPP)$25.00N/A1/1/2021
Standby Charge $7.50N/A1/1/2021
Industrial Pretreatment Program Charges 
Industrial Pretreatment Program ChargesChargeUnitEffective Date
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application Fee$800.00Each User1/21/2021
Wastewater Discharge Permit Renewal Fee $150.00Each User1/21/2021
Wastewater Discharge Permit Annual Fee$1,000.00Each User1/21/2021
Zero Discharge Permit Application Fee$450.00Each User1/21/2021
Zero Discharge Permit Renewal Fee$150.00Each User1/21/2021
Zero Discharge Permit Annual Fee$300.00Each User1/21/2021
Permits and Connections Costs and Charges 
Permits and ConnectionsChargeUnitOther
RV dump permit application fee and permit issuanceDetermined by Industrial Pretreatment ManagerN/AN/A
Public use drive-up RV dump permit$50.00Monthly ChargePlus a monthly basic service charge
System disconnection, residential or commercial labor, equipment, and materialsContractedEachPlus $300.00 administration and inspection fee.
Miscellaneous Charges 
Miscellaneous Charges ChargeUnitEffective Date
Returned Payment$35.00Each1/1/2021
Lien Filing$100.00Each1/1/2021
Late Fee for charges unpaid by the following bill date$5.00Monthly1/1/2021
Administrative Charge (over 8 weeks) for charges unpaid ~75 days after bill date$15.00Monthly1/1/2021
Camera & Videotaping (staffed)$200.00Per Hour. Two Hour Minimum1/1/2021
Vac Truck/Cleaning (staffed)$300.00Per Hour. Two Hour Minimum1/1/2021
After hours response fee$50.00Per Person, Per Hour. Two Hour Minimum1/1/2021