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How are the enhancements funded?

The construction of upgrades and improvements to the Boxelder Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Facility were financed by the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority (CWRPDA) State Revolving Fund Program. What does that mean, exactly? Great question.

The CWRPDA is a program administered by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) and provides low-interest loans to wastewater treatment programs like Boxelder. CDPHE works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Colorado to sell bonds, the proceeds of which turn into loans for service providers like Boxelder. These loans allow for the undertaking of large-scale projects in order to keep up with growing demand, the flexibility to improve expensive equipment or processes, and the ability to fund enhancements that bring facilities up to evolving regulations.

To date, Boxelder has taken out two of these loans. The first loan—funded by monthly service charges and plant investment fees—was used to enable the development of the new facility in 2013. The second loan, which was applied to the most recent improvements completed this summer, was funded by new development fees since the additions were sparked by a need to keep up with growth and we believe that growth pays its own way.