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Meet the Boxelder Sanitation District Board of Directors

In 1965, only those with a bold eye to the future could have predicted the region as it is today. Nearly 60 years later, the trends of staggering growth, innovation and demand—combined with natural beauty and thriving waterways—are defining characteristics of Northern Colorado. Boxelder Sanitation District has helped plan for and manage that evolution every step of the way through the treatment of the region’s wastewater. It’s quite an undertaking, which is why the District’s Board of Directors has been instrumental in shepherding the vision and mission since its inception in 1965.

The board was established with five elected members, charged with the authority to manage, control and supervise all the business and affairs of the District. Its original mission still rings true: To plan for the growth of the region and ensure the treatment system has the capacity for current and future customers of Boxelder Sanitation District. Additionally, the board—which still maintains five elected members—is expected to ensure that all regulatory requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are met.

Meeting growing demand over the years

There’s no better example of the necessity for a board of directors than the recent completion of the District’s plant expansion, illustrating how fiduciary responsibility, a steady guiding vision and management acumen can lead a years-long project to completion.

Over the years, the project has thrived despite external influences like recessions, bursts of population growth, shifting regulatory requirements, technological advancements, and even a pandemic.

It’s work, but someone has to volunteer to do it. In that spirit, we sat down with the current board members to learn a little bit more about what makes them tick and what they see are the biggest challenges for the Boxelder Sanitation District.

Meet the Boxelder Sanitation District Board Members