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Rest Area Lift Station Force Main Replacement


Sewer lines are designed to slope toward the discharge point using gravity to maintain flow. When gravity flow is not possible, lift stations and pumping stations are used to move wastewater. The lines that are under this pumping pressure are called force mains. 

The force main that comes from a lift station under I25 runs west and crosses the Great Western Railroad and the Poudre River twice before entering the wastewater treatment plant site, where it discharges into the plant influent sewer. This line is high risk due to possible breaks in accessible locations and damage from flooding. Improving the reliability of this force main will entail relocating it to run north from the lift station and along the east side of I25, where it will connect to the Drake Interceptor.

The outcome of this project will result in improved reliability and reduced risk of failure that would potentially cause a negative environmental impact to the Poudre River.

Project Date:

The planning stages for this project will begin in 2024. Construction is tentatively to start in 2025 and may reach completion in 2026.

Map of Project Area