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Winter Averaging

For residential customers, we utilize a process called Winter Averaging. We partner with your water provider to gather an average of your water usage in December, January and February. Your monthly consumption is then multiplied by $3 for every 1,000 gallons of water used and added to the base rate.

DecemberJanuaryFebruaryWinter Average
Water Consumption4,000 Gallons5,000 Gallons3,000 Gallons4,000 Gallons

Monthly base rates and your current year average winter usage are billed for 12 months from May to May.

We use your average winter water consumption because it is a better representation of household water usage since it doesn’t typically include outdoor water usage like irrigation, car washing, etc. In the event inclement weather prevents water meter reading and the water districts/departments supply us with estimates, Boxelder may choose to include March water usage in the winter average calculation.